Heirloom pink floral dress on a child with a peter pan collar and lace detail

Nurturing a Beautiful Childhood this Valentines

A beautiful childhood is made up of a whole string of moments, and memories we want you to treasure and share these moments. Rarity's Valentines collection of handmade children's wear is inspired by love, Verity (my little girl) and the natural world we embrace.  We love nature and seasons, they bring about intrigue, and offer new colours, shades and textures. This season while everything is looking a little drab outside at Rarity we have decided to brighten it up with the colours of love, shades of pink, and bright garden colours. 

At Rarity's studio, in North Saanich, each Collection item is sewn in small batches using fine natural fabrics and age old techniques that hold up to washing, play, and the great outdoors. It is Rarity's goal to make beautiful kids fashion while keeping our eco foot print small and staying kind to the environment.  We take pride in making quality fashion that is good to wear and good to our earth.  We recycle our fabric cuttings and share with other makers, so there is minimal waste. Making beautiful sustainable fashions that our children will love to wear is dear to our heart.  

Sharing the seasons with our children offers enriched joy in daily living and a renewed look at each holiday. Over Valentines we try to reflect on Love and sharing love every day. We hope you enjoy time spent crafting together all those paper hearts and cards, be sure to take nature breaks, and enjoy sweets. Live life to the full, continue to make healthy choices and dress each day to warm your heart, and soul and savour the moments. I hope you enjoy my fine handmade collection of children's wear this season, and celebrate in 'Colours of Love'!

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