Meet the Maker of Rarity Fashion

Meet Beverly, the founder, designer, and maker behind Rarity Fashion.

Rarity, a heirloom children’s brand from North Saanich, British Columbia, boasts meticulously made pieces suited for the modern child.

I am dedicated to creating artful, sustainable, and versatile fashion for kids. I have honed my craft since the start of Rarity Fashion in 2017, following today’s trends and using master craftsmanship that I so graciously gained from my mother - my design mentor.

I learnt to sew at the early age of 5, where I enjoyed watching both my mother and grandmother. Later, I began sewing clothing for my dolls, until I could make my very own clothing. Excitingly, my mother opened a wedding dress shop, where I then worked as a seamstress. My products reflect this: the smallest of details are so important, and my pieces show this. My mother and I bonded over art, fashion, and all things pretty; later, I developed this same connection with my own daughter!

My daughter’s name is Verity, which inspired the name Rarity. It represents my love for antiques.

Each piece that I make is unique, beautiful, and purposeful. I believe we can share joy through fashion, pass on confidence, and set our kids up for success. My thoughtfully crafted garments support this journey and reduce waste. As a nature lover, I maintain an overarching environmental consciousness that guides my decisions of how I manufacture and source my materials, which I love to source locally as much as I can.

I am passionate about designing exclusive children's fashion that parents love and children get excited about. This season’s offerings include beautiful earthy, subtle and bold colours; soft textures, and patterns that are both durable and easy to wear. Fun fact, my favourite piece that I sew is the Bella!

When you receive a package from Rarity Fashion, expect the upmost heirloom quality, prints and colours that will make your child smile; finished off with a handwritten note. It’s all in the details!

I hope you enjoy my fashions as much as I love designing and creating them!