Out of the Woods with Rarity, designers notes

Out of the Woods with Rarity, designers notes

A handmade fashion collection inspired from treed forest walks, and the natural world around us. We want to welcome a more steady rhythm for fall with both functional and beautiful inspiring fashion for your sweetest and most memorable fall yet.  The colour palate is a combination of warm spice, feminine pinks and purples, combined with natural hues and bold neutrals. Autumns shape is decidedly bohemian chic with vintage inspired throw backs, and timely more stream line looks all blended in one artful collection. We want your child to be turned out in beautiful handmade heirloom pieces, that are timely, soft and confidence boosting as they go back to school, into the woods, and perhaps start spending a little bit more time warming up indoors. Thank you so kindly for shopping this collection, and taking the time to read my notes!


Beverly Card


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