Spring is here! Into the Meadow we go...

Spring is here! Into the Meadow we go...

We have anticipated the arrival of spring for months, and now it is here, and it's time to jump into fresh and fabulous sustainable handmade fashion! At Rarity we have produced a whimsical kids centric collection of pretty fashions in fun prints, and soft finishes made of natural fine fabrics sourced locally. April rain can come, because we can't wait for May flowers, rain or shine we are ready to embrace this season in full.  The colour palate for this collection is inspired of natural open spaces fields and meadows, flowers, birds and the bright rays of sunrise. It's a new day, and we hope that you embrace it with your family and the people you love!

We can't wait to hear about where you go in our fashions, and what your kids are doing in them. Follow us on instagram at @rarityfashion_ and tag us, or share your experiences with Rarity's VIP onn facebook '@rarityravesandresales'.

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