SS2019 Continues March 30th 2019

SS2019 Continues March 30th 2019

Cherry blossoms are out, the birds are chirping, and warm spring days bring out my favorite sort of weather 'Dress Weather'!  With the SS2019 collections continuation I have brought out more organic fabric options, more exciting florals, and a lighter array of denim options!   I've also focused on sharing a few more versatile daily wear design options that are good for heading to the park, beach, or even bike riding.  Every day is an adventure on the west coast, and every day should be a dress day as I see it.

The SS2019 collection is by far my most extensively covered collection to date, with the largest amount of sizes, colors and designs released at one time.  I really hope that you enjoy your shopping and that you are enjoying your experiences in these dresses and separates as much as we are.  I would love to hear your feedback so please share with me, the next time I see or here from you.

The inspiring photos and media content has all come from my fellow hard working and very inspiring mom and friend Laura of Laura McOrmond photography! She has shared her expertise with me to bring you the most captivating lifestyle model photos from different beaches and parks across Victoria, also my perfectly clear product images.  Thank you Laura and thank you my friends who have been supporting me through this amazing journey in time generating timeless children's fashions!


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