Sundresses and Watercolours; Summer is nearly here!

Sundresses and Watercolours; Summer is nearly here!

We are so excited that summer is just around the corner, it's the best dress weather of the year!  To celebrate the change of weather, the length of days, and the memories that will be made.. Rarity is launching an inspiring collection of easy wear summer dresses.  Let your girls enjoy the freedom of wearing a beautiful handmade dress, let them twirl, run, climb, or scramble across the beach enjoying each moment to the full.

Rarity has used a timeless and feminine palate of water colors, and neutral naturally appealing Eco-conscious fine fabrics to craft this beautiful collection of dreamy soft easy to wear dresses. These designs have been carefully developed for style, ease, longevity, and ultimately to assist in giving her that magical feeling...

Take these dresses everywhere, where them everyday and for special moments, share your stunning images with us on social media by tagging #rarityfashion_.  We want to hear from you!

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