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Rarity Fashion

Essential Spring Bloom Capsule Leggings, Various

Essential Spring Bloom Capsule Leggings, Various

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This product is made to order, can can take 4-5 weeks to ship, if you require it sooner, please contact us via email.

Our Essential Leggings are beautifully made, and are an integral part of the active and modern day child's wardrobe. They are created to be strong, designed to withstand active play, and hold up to your child's daily needs. Essential Leggings are soft and thick, and wear like pants. With a simple blouse, t-shirt, or sweater combination on cool days, you have the perfect Autumn look. They also layer beautifully under dresses and wide leg pants. Rarity Fashion's leggings are soft to the touch and durable with 2 way stretch, and are meticulously made to a high quality standard.

Size Information:

12M-2Y, inseam 14"

3, inseam 16.5"

4, inseam 18"

5, inseam 19.5"

7, inseam 22"

Size 9, inseam 23 "

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